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Creating a setup file of a c#.net application

 Posted By : Manoranjan SahooPosted Date : 05/08/2011 03:14:23 PM Category : .Net Framework Points : 8 (Rs 3.00)

In this article I am going to show how to create a setup file for a C#.Net application using a standard Visual Studio Setup wizard.

We are developing software application for client. Finally we have to provide our application to the end-user.  So we need to create setup file to deploy the application in client machine. So here i am going to provide the information about the setup file creation.

To create setup file follow the below steps :

Step 1: First we need to open the C#.Net project/solution (for which you want to create setup file). Goto 'File -> Open -> Project/Solution' (or Ctrl+Shift+O):

Step 2 :  After opening the C#.Net project/solution goto next steps.

Step 3 : Now you have to add a setup project to the current project/solution. Goto 'File -> Add -> New Project...' :

Setup wizard 1

Step4 : In the 'Project types' list, go to 'Other Projects -> Setup and Deployment' and select the 'Setup Wizard' template:

As you see there are many 'Setup and Deployment' project types and you can create just a blank setup project and customize it by yourself, But In this article I am going to show the use of setup wizard, which is much  easier than others for beginners.

Step 5 : Now give attention towards the setup wizard.

This setup wizard have 5 steps to complete :
      Step 1 :  Welcome Screen

Setup wizard 1

     This step is a 'welcome message'.

      Step 2 :  Project Type

Setup wizard 2

      In this window we have to select the setup project type. Here we have four options:

Do you want to create a setup program to install an application:

    Create a setup for a Windows application
    Create a setup for a web application

Do you want to create a redistributable package:

    Create a merge module for Windows Installer
    Create a downloadable CAB file

Here we will use the 'Create a setup for a Windows application', as our project is a C# project Windows application.

      Step 3 : Project Outputs

Setup wizard 3

Here we have to select the project outputs we want to include in our installation package. For this project I select 'Localized resouces from Project', 'Content file from project', 'Primary output' which includes in the application DLL or EXE.
      Step 4 : Aditional file to include

Setup wizard 4        
      Here we have an option to include aditional files into our setup.

      Step 5 : Final Confirmation

Setup wizard 5

     Here you can see all the setting what you choose in previous steps to confirm. From this step you can easily go back and change the settings.

Step 6 : Finish
     If the project was successfully created, we will see the below window.

Setup Finish

Now you can set the different properties of the setup project from property window.


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