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Sort string Array in C#.Net

 Posted By : Manoranjan SahooPosted Date : 18/08/2011 10:47:05 AM Category : C#.Net Points : 5

Sometimes we need to sort our string array using the ASP.Net and C# programming language. The C# language and .NET Framework has several collection sorting methods. In this article i am going to explain about Array Sorting.

Example :

Here we have string[] strListArray in our C# program. This array contains some country name. We need to sort these country name in array. We are going to sort in Ascending order means country name starts with A comes first and then the name starts with B and so on.

To demonstration this we need to create one string array first.
Code :

string[] strListArray = new string[]
    "South Africa",

Now we want to sort the above array using Array.sort method. Check below code :

Code :

foreach (string c in strListArray)

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