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How to restore SQL server backup(.bak) file?

 Posted By : Manoranjan SahooPosted Date : 14/11/2011 08:18:30 AM Category : SQL Server Points : 5

Sometimes we need to restore our database from backup(.bak) files. Now the query is how to restore the database?

In SQL server there are some easy steps to do so. Follow below steps to restore the database with a backup file.

Step 1 : Open Sql Server and create one database or choose an existing database on which you are going to restore the data.


Step 2 : Right Click on that database and select Task --> Restore --> Database..


Step 3 : Follow steps as shown in figure below.

Step 4 : Follow steps as shown in figure below.

Step 5 : Follow steps as shown in figure below.

Step 6 : Follow steps as shown in figure below.

Wait till finish the restoring process and then your database will ready to use.


 Author : prakash pradeep Member Level : BronzeDate : 13/04/2012 09:02:15 PM Points : 2

Hi All,

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