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DHTMLX Scheduler v. 2.1: Live Update Scheduling and Other Improvements

 Posted By : Dmitry SergeenkoPosted Date : 28/11/2012 05:23:26 PM Category : ASP.Net MVC Points : 5

DHTMLX has announced the release of DHTMLX Scheduler .NET v. 2.1 for ASP.NET.

The updated version of the Ajax-powered calendar control includes live update, multi-page export and other improvements.

The introduced features can be effectively applied in event and booking calendars, task managers, job schedulers and other systems created with Scheduler .NET web control. They much facilitate the scheduling process.

Downloadable packages include DHTMLX Scheduler .NET with IIS8 WebSockets and SignalR.

DHTMLX Scheduler.NET is available in Standard and PRO Editions. The PRO edition allows you to create multiple scheduler instances on a page. Free 30-day trial is available.

For More Details Visit : http://blog.scheduler-net.com/post/2012/11/27/live-update-scheduling-and-other-improvements.aspx
 Author : Manoranjan Sahoo Member Level : BronzeDate : 06/12/2012 02:06:47 PM Points : 2

nice article

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