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Use DropBox to backup and share your files securely

 Posted By : Manoranjan SahooPosted Date : 26/02/2013 08:31:28 AM Category : General Points : 8

If you have multiple computers or multiple devices in different locations and facing problem with sharing the files in between them. Then DropBox is the solution for you which can solve your problem.

DropBox allows you to drop/store files or folders into a specific folder of your computer and then access it from any other computer which you added to your DropBox network.
In this article, I am going to explain how to use the DropBox service to backup your files and also to share files between multiple computers or devices.

DropBox.com offers 2GB of FREE space. But it also offers more spaces as per your requirement. It gives below service for that.

1. Upgrade to Dropbox Pro to get lots more space (You can get 100GB space for $99/year with upgrade option)
2. Upgrade to Dropbox for Teams for your business (1000GB or more you can get with this option)
3. Refer friends to Dropbox and get 500MB FREE space for each friend upto maximum of 16GB.
4. Connect your Facebook account and get 125MB FREE space.
5. Connect your Twitter account and get 125MB FREE space.
and many more options available...

They are also changing time to time. So, you can check Dropbox.com for latest offer.

DropBox is very convenient to share files between multiple computers and mobile devices.

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